Traditional Leq'á:mel goodness... bring it home!
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Who We Are

Through nurturing our culture, lands and resources, we choose to make a better world by working in harmony with Mother Earth and providing products to share with those around us who support our values.

What We Do

From Seed to Table, we treat our land and food with utmost respect. Our soils are enriched naturally and then cultivated with non-GMO sourced seeds, as well as non-timber forest products such as Wild Rose, Huckleberry, Salal and Arnica. The produce, herbs and indigenous plants are grown to provide goodness to our community and neighbours near and far. What is grown on the land is included in all products created by Leq’á:mel Market & Garden.


Interested in a mutually beneficially partnership? We are looking for retailers that would benefit from showcasing our products and we also support and promote products from our neighbouring First Nation communities in their business endeavours. We are also open to growing possibilities for Lower Mainland First Nations – we can provide produce for your events and programs, or display and sell other B.C. First Nation non timber forest products. If you have an interesting idea that you would like to collaborate on, please contact us!